“African All Stars” , like African music, cannot be classified into one category. The complexity and diversity of African people, language, culture and art is present in the music of "Africa". The band's repertoire include Hi-life, Soukous, Juju, Calypso, Reggae; a fusion of world music. One thing we can say with certainty: "African All Stars" is guaranteed to make you DANCE!

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Moye Kashimbi - Vocals and Dance. first danced with the Zambia National Dance Troupe at age 9. As a dance instructor, she collaborated with Mapopa Mutonga (University of Zambia). Acting as a cultural ambassador for Zambia, Moye Kashimbi toured the world with several dance troupes, Julizya, and Amayenge. Appearing with African All Stars, she sings in the native language of her tribe, Lenje. - Shakata - USA

Mohammed Shaibu - Guitar, Talking Drum and Vocals-Nigerian All Stars, I. K. Dairo, Fela Kuti- Nigeria ; Shakata, Guanari Underground, Andy O Band, Jumbalassy - USA

Abdoulaye Diabate - Guitar and Vocals-Koteba - Guinee ; Nimba, Amadou Balake - Holland ; Bourkina Fasso - USA

Jimmy Free - Bass and Vocals-Shakata, Andy O Band, Jumbalassy, African Roots, Sierra All Stars, Can't Stop Dancing, Trouble Boys, Mark Whitman Band, Jimmy Free and Friends, Acoustic Snacks; USA

Saeed Abbas - Congas, Talking Drum and Vocals-National Dance Ensemble, Brekete- Ghana; Obo Addy, White Rhino - USA

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African All Stars

African All Stars


Five African band leaders who have toured internationally with African music ensembles have settled in Seattle to form one of the hottest dance bands in the region. African All Stars draws upon the expertise of all its members who were born and grew up in four African nations: Sierra Leo ne , Ghana , Nigeria , and Liberia . They have performed and toured with many known African bands in Africa , Europe , Canada and the United States .

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